Road Trip to Devbag-Shiroda

How often did it happen to you that you plan for a place and you settle down for totally different one? It keeps happening to me. Our initial plan was to go to south Goa for Christmas holidays. But all of a sudden, we thought why not go to konkan? I am especially fond of historical places which have magical “once upon a time” kind of stories behind them and love solo travelling. But this time we as a family decided to explore through konkan coast.

Devbag is a small fishing village with a beautiful view and long stretched coastline. We travelled for almost 8-9 hrs from Pune to Devbag and found our property (Salgaonkar beach resort) without much trouble. Once we entered the place… WOW… it was amazing. There was an adrenaline rush as we saw the beautiful panoramic view of the ocean, image of clear blue sky and white sand beach.  I love everything about sea, sand and sunshine and I was going to spend next 48 hrs alongside. While we reached there, the sun was sinking below the horizon and atmosphere was like crimson tinge with dark frame. I grabbed a cup of tea and sat on the beach. “Ahhh! It is my happy place.” It was clear skyline and bright sea, I don’t even remember how long I was sitting at the place. There was an intense silence around us, halted by the sound of a big wave and playful laugh of my kid. In no time the sun disappeared from the sky and we entered in totally different ambience. All the colours faded away and stayed behind the roaring and pounding sound of waves.

my cup of tea…
an evening…
View from the room…

You must relish the seafood if you are in konkan. Variety of fish, crab, prawns and tisrya (clams), everything was just mouth watering. We, I and my husband are from foodie tribe thus it was a real treat for us. People at the resort were friendly and attentive so we really had a good time there.

fish for the foodies…

The next morning we were awaken to the noise coming from porch. Children were very excited to see the dolphins playing in the sea at a distant. And our day started! It was a water sports day as my cub was little more excited about the jet ski and parasailing stuff. We headed to the scuba diving spot. The resort guys gave us some references and we fixed a boatman for all the activities. As we reached the place, gosh! my less adventurer soul was on the verge of getting fainted. After the spine chilling experience of catapult at the Jumeirah Beach, Dubai, I wasn’t sure whether I should go for such attempt. I decided to give it a try. “Damn! I am out of the water.” Though I enjoyed the initial training session, I was unable to finish the diving as I wasn’t breathing very well under water. This is the last and only positive note on scuba diving, thanks to my trainer who was incredibly patient with me.


My boy …

Tsunami island is close to Devbag beach which is submerged under water by 3-4 feet during high tides and otherwise is visible. We can enjoy water sports as well as  a good walk there. Bhogwe beach is again a nearby beach, surrounded with a view of beautiful hills and thick green forest across the shore with coconut trees. Our boatman told us that there is a beach house owned by the famous actor Jackie Shroff. As a Tiger Shroff fan, my kid was so excited to go. But of course we weren’t invited there. The boat ride from Devbag to these places was icing on a cake.

Bhogwe Beach
Tsunami Island at the time of low tide…

And here I am… barefoot… quieting thoughts…a long walk by the side of the shore…The day ended with a leisure time spending in front of the sea whilst watching sunset. Life should be like that…listen to the sound of the waves and just relax…


“Don’t wait any longer.
Dive in the ocean,
Leave and let the sea be you.”
― Rumi

I am going to take you to the short ride of the  Sindhudurg fort and calm beach of Shiroda… till the time “be awesome…be yourself”….


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